I am interested in people who want to be helped and couples and families who want a better quality of life. 

That can include individuals who are experiencing concern from loved ones.






The Alcoholic family & similarly Traumatized Families


  I graduated in 1974 with a degree in Social Work.  Shortly thereafter, I went to work in an out-patient mental health setting as a counselor. During the 5 years I worked there, I recognized my own alcoholism. I haven’t drank since. I also learned some basics of counseling. As has always been my experience, the best teachers were counselors who had more experience than me teaching me what they had learned on the job.


     I then became the director of a ten county region of alcohol and drug treatment offices which included 5 counseling offices and an in-patient program in a general hospital. During these years, I was gaining experience in treatment programming and counseling methodology. I took courses through the Johnson Institute in Minneapolis, at the time the premiere program in alcohol and drug abuse. 

     Moving to Houston in the early eighties, I became the director of an out-patient family centered alcohol and drug treatment program. It was during this period that I really learned a great deal about therapy, family therapy, family treatment, and especially the family dynamics that develop in addictive and pathological family environments. 


     I was blessed to work with a team of very sharp psychiatric professionals, in perhaps the best clinic in Houston at that time. I worked with very well trained and progressive psychiatrists, psychologists,  substance abuse counselors, family therapists and social workers. I learned a great deal from a variety of sources. As a team, we interacted with and co-trained with the best treatment programs at the time in Minnesota, Arizona and California. We didn’t become famous but some clients and professional associates did.


     After leaving the clinic to go into private practice in 1987, I specialized in family treatment as well as chemical dependency. I led groups most of which treated family members of substance abusers. Group work is what I love most. I also love individual, couples, and family counseling. 


  I have carried a variety of credentials adapting to changing times, insurance requirements and political influences. Most of them don’t exist any more including CSW, CADAC, LCDC. I became a Texas Licensed Professional Counselor (#65479) to continue my work with individuals, couples, families and groups.

Bernie Sullivan

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