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Individual Counseling

I have been doing individual counseling for over 40 years. Individuals usually come to counseling because they are dealing with a dilemma they can’t seem to resolve. A repeating pattern continues to block goals. Stress and work demands, can produce anxiety and depression while affecting relationships.

I will be caring and honest with you about how I see your situation. And I will help you deal with what we find together. I have come to believe that the most important element is trust, honesty and caring. I wholeheartedly seek to include these elements. I have been exposed to many approaches and theories . I find that there is good in many approaches and have developed a style that includes elements of many.

The first question I ask is your reason is for coming. Then I’ll ask how will you know goals have been accomplished. You will have the best I can offer of my skills, experience and care to get to those goals.

Sometimes the problem can be resolved with short term counseling. Causes buried in past experiences may take longer to resolve. Learning to cope or resolve conditions involves exploring solutions. It can uncover causes. I do believe that growth is a combination of emotional growth, and spiritual growth.

Sometimes situations can benefit from the light of a new perspective. Conditions can be reviewed and seen in newer ways. Perhaps there are ways of dealing with a situation that have not been evident to you. I am also a social worker (license retired) and know of available resources.

I believe that we all are growing and that sometimes we really already know what we are looking for, and we just need help to uncover it. I can help you implement strategies and skills acquired in counseling