Virtual Appointments on Zoom 


Despite the fact that I have been in numerous jobs that involved supervising counselors, it is new to me to supervise for State licensure. I would want to navigate the path with you. I have a lot of experience.

I am familiar with re-occurring counseling situations and how to handle them. I can best share what I have learned with you in the hope that it meets your need. I believe that the decision to do supervision is a joint decision. I would want to get to know you and learn about the situation you are working in. I am willing to be flexible with methodology, scheduling and fees if I am convinced we can work successfully together. I could probably write pages on this topic.

Ultimately, it is about being a good match…..and that can only emerge as the relationship is being formed. I am eager to share what I know and support people coming into this profession.

Use the contact information here and let’s get acquainted.