Fees and practical matters

Olive Grove

I am interested in people who want to be helped and couples and families who want a better quality of life.  That can include individuals who are experiencing concern from loved ones.


The most important issue  for me is the motivation and compatibility of the client, couple, family or supervisee.

My practice is limited to 

 9 session per week.

Regular fee is 

 $65 per hour

I can be flexible especially online.

Willing to work out schedule and fees for supervision.

Fees can be competitive with insurance co-pays and limitations.



Masks and social distancing is required.

I prefer not to work with those required to be in counseling by a court or legal entity.  

I also have a home office

 which is very private,  away from main living area and

centrally located in Corpus Christi.


My preferred method for seeing clients is on Zoom or FaceTime.